Cosmetic Boxes

Get cosmetic boxes tailored to all your requirements at Refine Packaging. Here we take into regard all your concerns and produce the box just right for your product. We produce custom printed boxes in all shapes and sizes. Whether you want a simple shape like a rectangle or an intricate shape like hexagon we manufacture it for you.

But if wish to have custom cosmetic boxes for any product we will arrange it for you. Besides, we do full customization in the design of the box as well. You have the authority to create the design of the box but if you are unable to do so our team will help you out in developing unique and eye-catching designs. Not only we develop unique designs for you but also provide free of cost assistance to help you save the cost. Also, we make sure that the quality of the box is great so that it protects your product from any kind of harm. In short, your preference and requirements is our priority and we give our best to fulfill it.

Moreover, you can place an order for a minimum of 100 boxes and a maximum of 500,000 boxes. We usually take around 6 to 8 business days to deliver the order. But in case of emergencies, we supply it sooner than the standard time period.

Here is a list of cosmetic products for which we usually create the packaging: